Establishment Club Road Trip 2017

Starting in Bristol, August 9th


This summer we’re launching the biggest ever talent search in The Establishment Club’s history. It is our view that the British comedy circuit needs a much needed cattleprod in the bollocks.

The Establishment Club Road Trip has been set up to counter the decline of the state of satire in modern Britain. Fronted by Keith Allen, our bus will tour the UK looking for the next generation of as yet unearthed comic talent.

What we’re looking for:
In an age of sterile satire, we’re at looking for vibrant new acts. Anyone and everyone with something to say on the state of the nation is invited to give it their best, but what is likely to make you stand out is having a unique take, or a routine that isn’t just an offshoot of the tired old political commentary of the day. Stand up, poetry, song, sod it, we’ll even take interpretive dance or whale music. Just as long as it’s lung-collapsingly funny.

The offer:
A fantastic opportunity to springboard a promising career. Successful auditions will get a chance to appear on the Establishment Club’s new satirical television show, scheduled to appear on RT.

Find out more on our official tour page

You can also upload your own videos to stand a chance of the ranks of the Establishment Club

Where to find us:

9th August - Bristol
Anchor Square

15th August - Brighton
Jubilee Library Square

23rd August - Edinburgh
Castle Street

30th August - Manchester
Exchange Square

6th September - Newcastle
Grainger Street

Founded by Peter Cook in 1961, "The Establishment" was the Soho club from which the satire boom was launched. Featuring uncensored, live, stand-up comedy, it gave a platform to radical, political, and anarchic performers (everyone from Lenny Bruce to Barry Humphries and even Frankie Howerd), and was the inspiration for "That Was the Week That Was" (first broadcast in 1962), and Beyond The Fringe which ran for 18 months on Broadway.


The relaunch of The Establishment stems from a conversation between Lin Cook (Peter's widow) and satirist Victor Lewis-Smith, during which Lin revealed that, during the last year of his life, Peter had been planning to re-open the club.


With Lin's blessing for the project, Victor has teamed up with Keith Allen and Mike O'Brien (Laughing Stock Productions), to fulfil Peter's wish, initially through a monthly series of "pop up" nights at Ronnie Scott's. Jazz was always an important part of the entertainment at the original Establishment (Dudley Moore's Quartet were regular performers there). In 2015, the team plans to open a permanent home for The Establishment.


Embracing the Mad Men spirit of 60s revival, the entertainment at The Establishment will combine old and new.


The doors of The Establishment will be thrown open to performers who have a genuine dedication to the art of unrestricted, uncensored performances. As with the original Establishment, performers will be many and varied from young (or not so young) unknowns to household names (but as you've never seen them before).


Keith Allen, whose career in comedy, music, radio and television needs no introduction will be providing live interviews with political and social luminaries.